To explore ways to effectively utilize obstetric care practice websites for patient education, especially on topics like maternal vaccination and emerging infectious diseases.


In an attempt to identify better ways to steer pregnant women towards reputable information online regarding maternal vaccines, this project worked with obstetric practices in Georgia and Colorado to explore ways to use obstetric care providers’ websites more effectively for relaying vaccine education to expectant mothers.

The project’s original aims were unexpectedly shifted when the 2016 Zika pandemic arose and gave us the opportunity to study – in near real time – the preferences pregnant women had for receiving vaccine and Zika-related information from their prenatal care providers.


Our Team

Allison T. Chamberlain, PhD
Allison T. Chamberlain, PhD

Project Director
Assistant Professor, Department of Epidemiology, Rollins School of Public Health, Emory University

Mallory Ellingson, MPH
Mallory Ellingson, MPH

Graduate Research Assistant
Years of service: 2016-2017


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